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iChef Facilities
IChef - International Institute Culinary HospitalityIChef - International Institute Culinary Hospitality

Master Trainers with Industry Experience

World Class All the Way. International Certifications

We offer WORLD CLASS Culinary and International Hospitality Courses and Programs  amidst world class Facilities and Chef Trainers. We are the only culinary school that grants International Certificates to all our Graduates.

Value for Your Money: Comprehensive Inclusion in all School Fees

Reasonable and affordable fees vis-à-vis excellent Trainers and Facilities.
School Fees include all uniforms and ingredients and all kitchen tools such as Chefs Knives ; Pastry Knives : Cake Decorations sets and everything that you will need in all culinary lab.
School Fees also include all International Certificates and Credentials.

Practice Makes Perfect. Individual Hands on in Lab

IChef Students do their culinary activities individually .  Students spend more time in the kitchen and less time in lectures. You’ll have the opportunity to learn by doing, with the one-on-one support and attention you need to be well-trained for your culinary career.

Developing Entrepreneurship and Business Sense

We provide our students with waking knowledge on entrepreneurship and skills in setting up their own business in culinary or hospitality with actual business activities organized by ICHEF.

Kitchen Facilities and Equipment

IChef have three (3) fully-equipped kitchen, one (1) as well as pastry kitchen and a 20-seat  demo / exhibition kitchen.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen Laboratories

The kitchen labs simulate, as realistically as possible, the typical facilities and equipment found in fine restaurants and other food service establishments. All are outfitted with up-to-date industry-standard equipment appropriate for every student level.

A Fully Operational Dining Restaurant

Ultimately, students will prepare meals in the exhibition kitchen in full view of restaurant guests. There’s nothing like performing in front of a clientele to really sharpen your cooking skills.