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ICHEF Students: Foodie + Bizmakers

If there is a recipe for success in life, it starts with picking the right ingredients. The Institute of International Culinary and Entrepreneurship (ICHEF) once again celebrated the Food festival – Cuisine du Marche. This is an annual event of the institution usually takes place on the first semester of the academic year, and because of the success of the first semester’s food festival, the committee head, faculty members spearheaded by the two of a kind instructors of ICHEF, Ms. Jellie Carreon and Ms. Vania Mercy Neis, arranged another food festival, and in December – Cuisine du Marche II.
The event took place at the Matina Town Square (MTS) last Friday, December 4, 2015, from 4:00 in the afternoon until 12:00 midnight. The place was jam – packed due to heap of people coming from different walks of life. Most of the people who came in were excited to celebrate the Cuisine du Marche II because they have experienced the 1st part and now they are looking forward for more food festivals from the institution.
Cuisine du Marche is for students to showcase their talents and skills in culinary and entrepreneurship. They are to plan their own recipe and seek approval from their assigned chefs before they prepare their dish. Once their recipe is approved, they are going to think of how they are going to convince the customers to buy their dish. So aside from food selling, the students presented their creativity as they decorated artistically their booths. Some of them made a Christmas themed booth with wreathe all over their display table and positioned some poinsettias to justify their theme. Several students proved that even their class was divided into 2 to 3 groups; they are still united as they combined their booths and thus looked like a long table of different fusion of flavors. Some students wanted to know the customers’ thoughts, so they put up a freedom wall and provided neon colored memo pads and colored pens that made their booth look interesting in the customers’ eyes. Another group of students made their own restaurant in a booth, customers were amazed as to how they creatively lighted up their booth with little bulbs, and also, everybody’s attention were surely caught with their logo and menu board. To double up their motivation, the teachers will reward the class with the Most Creative Booth and the 3 Best Earner Booth, categorized according to their capital. The winning class will be awarded on the Global Skills 2015 at Abreeza Ayala Mall on December 10, 2015.
Our very own young chefs were full of activity in their hands; people were in high spirits as they see the students preparing their orders. Some students were flipping their tortilla while others were heating the filling for their quesadilla. There were students who were busy grilling their marinated meat, and the smoke from it was an invitation to the customers to check out their booths. Several students were also busy roaming around the venue with tray of jell-o shots wherein customers enjoyed the colorful jell-o with a twist of vodka, and to make it more inviting, they also prepared vodka shots with colorful gummy bear.  
Five hours of selling and cooking was not enough for the customers, but the fun – filled experience was more than enough for students. The Cuisine du Marche II was a successful event with the students’ cooperation with the committee’s support and teamwork. Without one’s participation, this event will not be possible. 
The Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship (ICHEF) is the leader in Professional Global and International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship which provides outstanding credentials by developing culinary creativity that will ensure a successful career in the International Culinary and Hospitality Industry with internationally renowned and multi-awarded resident chefs who work hand in hand in preparing the world’s greatest cuisine, thus making ICHEF the largest and premier Culinary Arts school in the country. Together with its international partners, American Hospitality Academy and Work Skills Australia, students graduate with dual certification proving the advantage of an ICHEF education. ICHEF is owned and managed by Joji Ilagan Bian. ICHEF is located at De Jesus Street, Davao City. The school offers the first BS Culinary Management course in Mindanao.

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