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ICHEF Presents: Global Skills 2014

                “Blending the Essence and Flavor of Asian Gastronomy”
When the masters of the ceremony started the countdown, everyone held their breath and crossed their fingers. The emcees then exclaimed, “3, 2, 1, Let the Competitions BEGIN!” The next scenes are so startling. Every ICHEF student, who participated on the first batch of the culinary competitions of the Global Culinary Skills Series dubbed as “Blending the Essence and Flavor of Asian Gastronomy”last December 6, 2014, at Abreeza Mall Atrium, meticulously and carefully crafted their masterpieces. Everyone around them watched in awe as they laid their hands on their entries transforming each into a magnificent work of art. 
Global Culinary Skills Series is an annual school competition where students have the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills in culinary and hospitality. It also aims to develop camaraderie among ICHEF students and promote learning through healthy competitions. ICHEF students are divided into 6 teams and they competed against each other. 
These are the complete list of the competitions: Cocktail Competitions-contestants will prepare cocktail drinks with a maximum of seven ingredients, Edible Centerpiece-emphasizes the artist aspect of the Foodservice Industry. Beautiful centerpieces have to be made one and one half (1.5) hours span out of edible products, Plated Dessert-present desserts in its nicest ways, The Art of Food and Vegetable Sculpture-participants must be able to create a carving masterpiece out of fruits and vegetables, Platescape- To promote the development through the creative refinement of culinary methods and food presentation those are uniquely in character and style, DRESS A CAKE- Decorate three tier cake. The lower tier should be edible, Cupcake Creations- The team will prepare baked cupcake with five flavors minimum, Bread and Bakery Showpiece Competitors are required to display a showpiece containing marzipan, bread and sugar, Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (new event) - Live cooking of 1 dish and healthy drink with nutritionally balanced dishes with two (2) portions by 1 Chef Instructor and 1 ICHEF student, Cherry Snapper Challenge (new event)-Competitors must create a dish using Tilapia Fish (cherry snapper) as main ingredient, Culinary Genius (new event)- The contest will provide an education experience for both participants and spectators, and Photolicious- capture photos-one still and one action.
From morning until the last event in the afternoon, everyone was very energetic and active on all of the events. In the end, the Red TEAM-composed of the 4th year BSCM students emerged as the grand champion for the Global Skills 2014 competitions.
December 6, 2014 is not just a normal Sunday for the ICHEF students. More so, it became a day of challenge, fun and memorable learnings worth reminiscing for.
The Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship (ICHEF), owned and managed by the Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundation, Inc. is one of the biggest and most modern hospitality and culinary school in the Philippines located at the Tourist and Food Capital of Mindanao – Davao City. Seasoned Culinary Chefs work hand in hand with students together with its international partner, WorkSkills Australia and American Hospitality Academy. Students graduate with international certifications proving the advantage of an ICHEF education. WorkSkills Australia is a recognized training provider for Hospitality, Tourism, Events and the Food Industry in New South Wales, Australia. American Hospitality Academy is the world’s leading provider of USA hospitality internship and exchange programs. It has been specifically designed to develop future hospitality leaders who can effectively transcend borders and meet the demands of a global economy in the 21st century.
ICHEF is situated in De Jesus Street, Davao City. ICHEF can be contacted at       (082) 305-8833, 300-3322 or via ICHEF’s website www.ichef.com.ph. 

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